New CQC Registration For Health Providers, Care Homes, Domiciliary services and Supported Living Services.

Targeted, high quality inspections inline with CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) and inspection methodology

Announced or unannounced mock CQC audits carried out using the same KLOE principles used by the care quality commission

Mock CQC inspections can be arranged to suit any regulated service provider with advice and guidance tailored to your service specialism

Detailed findings report, service ratings and action plans will be provided on completion of every successful mock CQC inspection

Thorough compliance inspections in-line with CQC standards

New care services


Registering as a new CQC service can often be complicated and time consuming, we have successfully helped services across the UK to register first time with the CQC.


We specialise in providing comprehensive consultancy services tailored to guide you through the intricacies of Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration applications. Our team of experienced consultants are dedicated to simplifying the process, ensuring compliance, and helping you achieve your registration.


Our services can include certain steps of the process or full management from start to finish.


Pre-Application Assessment:

Before you begin the CQC registration process, our consultants conduct a thorough pre-application assessment. We identify potential areas of improvement, ensuring that your organisation is well-prepared for a successful application.


Application Assistance:

Navigating the CQC application can be complex. Our consultants provide hands-on assistance in completing the application forms, ensuring accuracy and completeness to expedite the registration process.


Documentation Review and Preparation:

A key component of successful CQC registration is having comprehensive and accurate documentation. We assist in reviewing and preparing all necessary documents, including policies, procedures, and records, to align with CQC standards.


Post-Registration Support:

Our commitment doesn’t end with successful registration. We offer post-registration support, guiding you through the early stages of compliance and providing ongoing assistance as needed.


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We can support with:


  • Creation of a Statement of Purpose
  • Creation of a Quality Audit System
  • Registered Manager / Nominated Individual CQC Interview Preparation
  • Complete Policies and Procedure Package
  • New Provider and Registered Manager Application Completion
  • Creation of a Business Plan
  • Training Plans and Induction Templates
  • Completion of Additional Form for Providers of Personal Care
  • Completion of Additional Form for Providers of Services to Autistic People and People with Learning Disabilities


And more!


Why Choose Us:


Proven Success:

Benefit from our track record of successfully assisting numerous organisations in achieving CQC registration.


In-Depth Knowledge:

Our consultants possess a deep understanding of CQC standards, regulations, and expectations, ensuring your application aligns with the latest requirements.


Tailored Solutions:

We recognise the unique nature of each healthcare or social care provider. Our consultancy services are customised to address your specific organisational needs and goals.


Time and Cost Efficiency:

We streamline the registration process, saving you valuable time and resources. Our efficient approach ensures a smoother journey from application to registration.


If you are new to the health and social care sector and would like to speak to one of our experienced care consultants about setting up a new, CQC compliant care service please use the contact form below or call us directly on 0330 133 0174

CQC Policies & Procedures

CQC Mock Inspection Meeting

Comprehensive CQC complaint policies and procedures to help with your new CQC registrations and on-going compliance.

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